Jõuluvahetus 2012 / Gift swap 2012

Suure vedamisega sain pakisaajaks Maapiiga ja talle läks teele selline pakk: sallkrae (2x Drops Lima 4377, kulu 158g / 285.3m, varras 5mm) ja ise köidetud märkmik, mille kaaned kleepisin lõngavöödega üle. Lisaks muidugi kaart, kommikarp ja suur küünal.


With great luck, I got to make a gift to someone I had hoped to do so for a long time. The package includes a neckwarmer (2x Drops Lima 4377, I used 158g / 285.3m, needles 5mm) and a notebook I bound myself and covered the covers with yarn bands. In addition, there is a card, a box of chocolate and a large candle.

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